Heritage and culture of Malaysia

Most of the people from all over the countries of the world Travel in Malaysia every year enjoy the diversifying colors of Malaysia that the country has derived from the multicultural and ethnic society it shelters to along with its own rich cultural heritage. Malaysia offers tourists with savory and international food which are really mouthwatering and the tourists can also enjoy a wide variety of species of both plants and animals. Since time immemorial, Malaysia has absorbed the influences of different countries and people from all over the world. And in the present times, these influences have made it historically and culturally rich with all the traditions blended together beautifully in different layers and the driving force of the country today is its wish to build a great economy.

Attractions in Malaysia

Attractions in Malaysia

The tourists and the travelers who go for Travel in Malaysia enjoy the juxtaposition of the traditions with the lifestyle of the modern age, the shophouses of the Chinatown, and the vibrant and colorful night markets with the modern shopping malls. The splendor of the great architecture is exhibited through the shrines of the Hindus and the Chinese and the mosques of the Muslims alongside the modern landmarks like that of the Petronas Twin Towers. The gateway to the country, Malaysia is through Kuala Lumpur which is the capital of the country. Kuala Lumpur is a modern and prosperous city with beautiful religious and commercial buildings, skyscrapers, expressways and is balanced by the parks and the gardens in the urbanized areas. The rainforests dominate the eastern region of Malaysia.

Multiculturalism in Malaysia

The two states of Eastern Malaysia- Sarawak and Sabah have a hot and humid climate, but the population density and the urban development greatly differ in the two. The coexistence of the diversified group of people in a harmonious manner is a major thing to witness in Malaysia. One who is visiting the country can easily see a pagoda, church, temple and mosque built very close to one another. Another important feature of the country is the great diversity of cuisine along with the hawkers on the street serving delicious dishes of the Malay, Indian, and Chinese. The multiculturalism of the country is also exhibited through the tribals of Sabah and Kuching, Sarawak known as Kadazan and Iban respectively along with the Orang Asli who were the first to reach the peninsula of Malaysia almost 11,000 years ago. Half of the population of Malaysia  consists of the Malays and their national religion is Islam.

Kadazan and Iban

The multiculturalism of the country is also exhibited through the tribals of Sabah and Kuching, Sarawak known as Kadazan and Iban respectively along with the Orang Asli who were the first to reach the peninsula of Malaysia almost 11,000 years ago. Half of the population of Malaysia  consists of the Malays and their national religion is Islam.

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A major destination of tourist attraction

The diversified landscapes along with the multiculturalism attract a large number of tourists in Malaysia. It is one of the most successful economies of the Southeast Asia. The Cameron Highlands and the tropical rainforests in the country allow the tourists to enjoy and appreciate  nature to the fullest by watching the variety of wildlife, birds along with enjoying the aerial walkways through the forest canopy. One can enjoy amazing views of waterfalls and can also go out on adventures and exploration of the limestone caves.

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The beauty of cave

The caves which are left untouched and underdeveloped inhabit a range of exclusive and exquisite species like fruit bats and Liphistiidae. Visitors feed numerous macaques which are found in and about these caves extensively. These monkeys are quite territorial in nature and therefore it is advisable to protect your little ones while feeding them since they could prove to be dangerous if incited.


Batu caves offer over 160 routes for rock climbing and have been an active site for rock climbing since the last one decade. The Damai caves on the north eastern side of this site offer the starting point to most of the routes. A local Adventure company in Malaysia offer this adventurous sport and provides all necessary safety and protection required during the sport.

The Hindu festival of Thaipusam is celebrated with a lot of pomp and joy, since these caves act as the focal point for this festival.

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